The S.C. Combat Veterans Group was organized at the medical center as a therapeutic support group for combat veterans suffering from PTSD. It has grown from a small group to more than 400 members.

Once the combat veteran is an outpatient at the hospital, he or she may join the group. The veteran then joins a peer-to-peer counseling group that uses humor, music and SC Combat Veteransan atmosphere of brotherly love to promote understanding and healing.

The group is also spiritual, praying together and relying on their faith through the tough times. It is easier for the veterans to accept certain therapeutic actions when coming from someone who has experienced combat. Group members continue to participate in cookouts for churches and hospitals, and attend sporting events to become more comfortable.

The motto of the South Carolina Combat Veterans Group:
“All Gave Some — Some Gave All — Some Still Do.”



To promote healing and maintain growth through therapeutic and community activities to enhance the live of veterans and their families.

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